ProFit funding for ROADIA

December 15, 2021
R. Seidel
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It's a pleasure to announce, that we are supported by the ILB with the ERDF/EFRE supported fund ProFit.

This fund helps to develop sustainable traffic safety solutions, that are needed to tackle the challenge of bringing the number of traffic deaths down to zero.

By doing this we contribute the "Vision Zero". To make that happen we need partners like the ILB and be supported by ERDF/EFRE.

Thank you for helping us bringing our vision to life. Together we RETHINK ROAD SAFETY!

"We are very pleased about the funding. Support like this underlines that we are on the right track. We will use the funding to strengthen our existing structures and focus on marketing our existing solution in the first two quarters of 2022. In parallel, we are working at full speed to bring our speed measurement system to market maturity. The market launch of our second solution should follow by the end of next year at the latest."

CEO Dr. Mykhaylo Filipenko


Rico Seidel

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