Do not lose sight of responsibility

November 21, 2021
R. Seidel

Driving a vehicle means taking responsibility. Whether on the way to work, school or shopping, each of us has already spent a significant portion of our lives on the road. It's so much time that every now and then we lose a sense of the dangers we face in this environment on a daily basis and even underestimate the perception of danger we ourselves pose to other road users.

A motor vehicle, no matter what kind, always means a piece of freedom, but also an immense responsibility. In 2020 alone, 2700 (two thousand seven hundred!) people died on German roads, about a third of them in built-up areas. Within built-up areas alone, around a quarter of a million accidents occur each year. Most of them, around 210,000, are not serious, but 34,000 serious injuries and 1,000 deaths in built-up areas are unacceptable. Although traffic safety has improved greatly since the 1970s, this decline has plateaued for several years. The necessary technology is available to prevent accidents and even at relatively low cost. Theoretically, it would therefore be possible to reduce the numbers to a minimum, but in practice there is often a lack of willingness to break new ground.

While conventional speed monitoring systems cost up to 250,000€ each, we offer a way to ensure safety, especially in inner cities and traffic-calmed zones, without having to accept horrendous costs.

The new interpretation of the known measuring systems makes use of artificial intelligence and determines in this way exact measured values, which are in no way inferior to the existing technical solutions.

"Artificial intelligence, AI for short, does not have the best reputation. People fear that AI will make their jobs obsolete, since AI will eventually replace humans. Nevertheless, AI means one thing above all - new opportunities in the area of safety, and specifically road safety. We offer solutions that are more cost-effective and at the same time more efficient than the conventional variants."

Mykhaylo Filipenko, CEO of ROADIA

ROADIA offers a solution that is significantly more cost-effective and efficient than conventional systems. Want to learn more about how this process works and why it's worth integrating one or even more ROADIA units into your municipality's budget? Then contact us and let us convince you of the arguments that have already inspired a large number of mayors, police departments and decision-makers in public offices.


Rico Seidel

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